Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies Hobart Colloquium

Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies

Colloquium 29-30 June 2018

Jane Franklin Hall, South Hobart


‘Imagine there’s no heaven – it’s easy if you try…’ (Lennon)


Is it really easy?  Is religion a hindrance to peace, or quite the opposite?  Would our world be a better place stripped of all religion, but particularly of Christianity?  What would or could take its place?  Papers by –

  • Hal Colebatch
  • Erik Peacock
  • Peter Cunich
  • Eric Lockett
  • Campbell Markham
  • Philippa Martyr
  • Dom Pius Noonan OSB
  • Karl Schmude
  • Ben Smith
  • Margaret Somerville
  • Augusto Zimmermann
  • Nigel Zimmermann

Dinner Speaker: the Hon Tony Abbott MP

Full Registration (including dinner) $200.

Concession and casual options available – enquiries to

Programme and Abstracts