New Book: Wokeshevism Critical Theories and the Tyrant Left

Special Issue of The Western Australian Jurist, Volume 12

In this book, various authors offer insights into the woke revolution sweeping Western nations, including the United States and Australia.


Introduction – Augusto Zimmermann and Joshua Forrester

1 Wokery and High Court ‘Otherness’ – James Allan

2 The Origins and Impact of Neo-Marxist Ideology and Cancel Culture on the Academy – Kevin Donnelly

3 Freedom of Speech in the Woke Era: The Swastika Ban, Critical Race Theory and State Neutrality – Anthony Gray

4 Critical Theory, Wokeshevism, and The Chasm of Incoherence – Peter Kurti

5 The Genesis of Critical Theory and Cancel Culture – Michael McMahon

6 Vilification Laws: Tools for Tyranny – Alexander Millard and John Steenhof

7 Being Awake to Woke – Gabriel A Moens

8 Cultural Vandalism: Lust to Rule, Road to Ruin – Steven Alan Samson

9 “Get On Your Marx, Statue Topplers!” The Links Between Marxism, Racism and Genocide – Augusto Zimmermann

10 Natural Law, God, and Human Dignity – Robert P George

11 Psychological Harm and the Prohibition of ‘Conversion Therapy’ – Andrew Kulikovsky

12 A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Women, Religion and the Law – Laurie Stewart

Book Review: Heart of Wokeness: A Review of Cynical Theories and Counter Wokecraft – Joshua Forrester


Professor Augusto Zimmermann

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, Australia


Joshua Forrester

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, Australia

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