The Western Australian Legal Theory Association (“WALTA”) was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2010 by Dr Augusto Zimmermann.

Since then WALTA has released an annual peer-reviewed law journal entitled the Western Australian Jurist.

WALTA is constituted of  academically interested lawyers, legal scholars and law students. Our aim is to promote scholarly discussions on subjects related to legal theory, jurisprudence and contemporary issues in law.

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Our Mission

WALTA is a not for profit organisation concerned with promoting the rule of law, and preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms that underpin our liberal democratic society.

The free nations of the Western world have a storied rule of law tradition, and a rich history of protecting fundamental rights and freedoms from unwarranted government intrusion. Included in these fundamental rights and freedoms (to name but a few) are the rights to life, property and due process, and freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association.

Unfortunately, many of these fundamental rights and freedoms are under serious threat from various types of legislative, executive and judicial action. Such action is often justified as being necessary for national security, environmental protection or “social justice”, or to prevent discrimination or “hate speech”. These claims must be critically assessed from the standpoint of classical liberalism and related philosophies.

As such, the aim of the Association is to stimulate a public discussion of the issues noted above through debates, academic publications and conferences.

Our Association envisions a society that preserves the classical liberal values that are the cardinal tenants of truly democratic societies. We oppose illiberal ideologies such as socialism, communism and fascism.

Only together can we achieve this aim and realise our vision for a future that upholds fundamental rights and freedoms critical to both individuals and liberal democratic society.