Freedom and Federalism: Toward an Authentic Federalism in Brazil

The first federal states emerged via the coming together of a number of established polities that wished to preserve their separate identities and to some extent their autonomy.[1] Some features are common to most, if not all, federal systems: distribution of power between central and local governments; a written and rigid constitution; an independent and impartial umpire to decide on disputes between these levels of government; and representation of regional views within the central government.

Dr Zimmermann Speaks at Falun Gong Rally at WA Parliament House

Our WALTA President, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, delivered yesterday a powerful message at the Falun Gong Rally at the Western Australian Parliament House.

Dr Zimmermann, who is also Professor and Head of Law at the Sheridan Institute of Higher Education and a former WA Law Reform Commissioner, spoke out boldly and courageously against the human rights violations committed by the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) against their own people in China.