The Western Australian Jurist Vol. 10

Special Edition: Religious Freedom at the Crossroads

Editorial Note

Religious Freedoms at the Crossroads – Editorial Note


The Virtue of True Meaning and the Tyranny of the Few: A Remonstrance Against Politically Unaccountable Judicial PolicymakingWilliam Wagner and N. Katherine Wagner

Biblical Roots of the Western Political TraditionSteven Alan Samson

Relying on the Blessings of Almighty God?Ashley L. Saunders

The Right to Criticise Religion: The Unconstitutionality of Extending 18C to Religious Grounds – Augusto Zimmermann

The Battle for Religious Freedom in Australia: From Disciplinary Proceedings to the High Court Christopher Brohier

Protecting Democratic Freedom Against Authoritarian Gender Identity Law Patrick J. Byrne

Freedom to Offend in the Pursuit of Truth Johnny M. Sakr

Employment Contracts and Israel FolauAndrew S. Kulikovsky

The Practical ‘Lawfare’ Approach to the Defence of Religious Freedom Robert Balzola

Great Powers and Great Problems: Perspectives on the Responsibility to Protect Georgiana Constantin-Parke

Book Reviews

Book Review: Stephen Baskerville, Not Peace But A Sword: The Political Theology of the English Revolution Augusto Zimmermann

Book Review: Anthony Gray, Freedom of Speech in the Western World: Comparison and Critique Augusto Zimmermann