The Western Australian Jurist Vol. 11

Special Edition: Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19


Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19Augusto Zimmermann & Joshua Forrester


Reflecting Upon the Costs of Lockdown – Rex Ahdar

Politicians, The Press and “Skin in the Game”James Allan

An Analysis of Victoria’s Public Health Emergency LawsMorgan Begg

Only the Australian People Can Clean Up the Mess: A Call for People’s Constitutional ReviewDavid Flint AM

Covid-19, Border Restrictions and Section 92 of the Australian Constitution Anthony Gray

Blurred Lines Between Freedom of Religion and Protection of Public Health in Covid-19 Era – Italy and Poland in Comparative PerspectiveWeronika Kudła & Grzergorz Jan Blicharz

The Dictatorship of the Health Bureaucracy: Governments Must Stop Telling Us What Is For Our Own Good Rocco Loiacono

The Role of the State in the Protection of Public Health: The Covid-19 Pandemic – Gabriël A. Moens AM

Corona, Culture, Caesar and Christ – Bill Muehlenberg

The Age of Covid-19: Protecting Rights Matter – Monika Nagel

Molinism, Covid-19 and Human Responsibility – Johnny M. Sakr

Interposition: Magistrates as Shields Against Tyranny – Steven Alan Samson

Destroying Liberty: Government By Decree – William Wagner

The Virus of Governmental Oppression: How The Australian Ruling Elites are Jeopardising both Democracy and our Health – Augusto Zimmermann

Book Review

Book Review: Gabriël Moens, A Twisted Choice: A Covid-19 Novel (Boolarong Press, 2020) – Lorraine Finlay  

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