AMN Masterclass Seminar with Professor Zimmermann – “Do You Have a Lawful Right to Disobey Unjust Law?”

We are delighted to announce that WALTA President, Professor Augusto Zimmermann, has been invited by the Australian Medical Network (AMN) to address its members on the important topic of:

“Do we have a lawful right to disobey unjust law?”

29 May 2023, via Zoom

7.00 pm AEST, 5.00 pm AWST, 6.30 pm ACST

To register, email:

Many countries, such as Australia, have more recently implemented a slew of draconian laws under the pretence of defending their people from a disease. Not only are many of these laws unreasonable and discriminatory, they also run the risk of turning allegedly democratic countries into more authoritarian ones. 

During this talk, Professor Zimmermann will explore and raise legitimate concerns on how we can legally advocate resisting some laws and adhering to others.