WALTA General Meeting 4 April 2017

WALTA is proud to announce the first general meeting of 2017.

It is to be held at 6pm on Tuesday, 4th April in the Post Graduate Suite, Room 2.1031 (ECL, level 2) at Murdoch University.

Joining us will be guest speaker John Sakr.

Mr Sakr currently holds an LL.B., Grad. Dip. Legal Practise and an LL.M. (Commercial Transactions). Mr Sakr is also an admitted solicitor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. He is currently completing his Masters of Philosophy (Law) under the supervision of Dr Keith Thompson and co-supervision of Dr Augusto Zimmermann.

Below is an abstract from Mr Sakr’s presentation:

The Nuremberg Trials were a sequence of trials during 1945 – 1949. In the course of these trials, 24 key Nazi leaders were charged with crimes against humanity. In defence, the Nazi leaders argued that they had simply followed orders of a superior and made decisions in accordance with the framework of their own legal system. This defence is labelled the ‘superior orders defence’. Such a defence was denied. Interestingly, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) provide a similar rationale for their actions. A study between these two ideologies brings to light many similarities in their philosophical worldview. This could be identified as the ‘Triad of Similarity’. The Triad consists of the following categories: the Superior, the Exemplar and the Source (SES).

This presentation endeavours to identify the similarities between the philosophical ideologies between the Nazis and ISIS and to identify the sources used to derive these principles. As a disclaimer, this presentation does not imply nor assert that the actions of the Nazis and ISIS are justified. Nor does it assert or imply that the use of their sources was appropriately used without misrepresentation. Rather, this presentation looks to give a descriptive account of the sources. Whether these sources are authentic, misused or reliable is not the topic of discussion. Rather, this presentation seeks to inform the audience of the sources to which their ideologies derive to gain a deeper understanding of their justification.

We look forward to your attendance.