Dr Zimmermann Invited to Open Rally for Life, Health and Liberty at WA Parliament House

Our WALTA President, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, has been invited to open the rally for life, health and liberty to be held this Saturday 24 October in Perth at the WA Parliament House.

Dr Zimmermann’s speech commences at 12 noon. It will be followed by speeches from other distinguished members of the WA community, including Dr Marion Hercock (Adjunct Research Fellow, UWA School of Agriculture and Environment) and Dr Mark Imisides (PhD, Analytical Chemistry).

The primary purpose of the rally is to oppose recent government measures that have arbitrarily affected fundamental rights, particularly freedom of movement, expression and privacy.

Another goal of the rally is to support Pastor Margaret Court MBE AO, the tennis legend and influential Christian community leader whose application for funds for a freezer van to help her collection and deliveries of free food to the homeless was declined by the WA government-run LotteryWest.

This government-run lottery organisation not only turned down her application to assist the homeless, but made it clear that the rejection was not on the basis of merit or need, but solely on the basis of the well-known pastor’s traditional views on same sex marriage.

Pastor Margaret’s Victory Life Centre runs a major operation feeding the homeless of Perth and surrounds. Curiously, LotteryWest, which makes its money primarily through Lotto payments, conveniently ignores that such gambling has contributed to the misery of many of the victims of homelessness who are helped by Victory Life.  

If you live in Western Australia, this is your great opportunity to support free speech and the right of every Australian citizen to freely express their personal views about marriage and sexuality without the risk of undue government censorship and unfair political retaliation.