Council for the National Interest: The Court of Injustice

We are pleased to announce that our President Dr Augusto Zimmermann will be speaking at the upcoming Council for National Interest forum on “The Court of Injustice”. The forum is to be held on 06 May 2018 at 2:30 and will run until approximately 4:30. Entrance is free and open to the public. See below for the event invitation:


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Speaker: Dr Augusto Zimmermann

Professor of Law, Sheridan College, Perth, Western Australia.
Professor of Law (adjunct) at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney
President, Western Australian Legal Theory Association
Former Law Reform Commissioner, Western Australia (2012-2018).
Editor-in-Chief, Western Australia Jurist law journal
Internationally known legal scholar, prolific writer and author


Topic: The Court of Injustice


Introduction by

 Mr Russell Goodrick

Former Channel 9 Presenter, Corporate Video Specialist,
Journalist and supporter of Parental Rights within the Judicial System.


Everyone is welcome to attend this open and free public forum.


You do not have to be a specialist in the Judiciary or Court affairs to acknowledge the parlous state of Australia’s judicial system. For example, the Family Law Court is notoriously renowned for providing a number of perverse incentives for unethical behaviour that undermines confidence in marriage and sustains high divorce rates. The current system aggravates family conflict by enlarging the scope for unscrupulous spouses to engage, without fear of penalty, in opportunistic behaviour – behaviour, moreover, which reaps considerable pecuniary benefits at the expense of the innocent partner. It allows one partner to surprise the other with the declaration that the marriage is over without having to give reasons or undertake any negotiations on how fault should be acknowledged.


Dr Augusto Zimmermann will cast a light on the injustices of the family court system


Free Entry, Everyone Welcome


Presentation Speech followed by Q&A Session


When: Sunday 6 May 2018


Time: 2.30pm start to 4.30pm finish


Where: Royal Perth Yacht Club, Australia II Drive, Crawley Bay, Nedlands 6009


Encourage friends and associates to attend this informative, educational, free and open forum.


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