Event: Hope in Times of Fear

The Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA) is very pleased to invite you to join our President, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, and other distinguished speakers, for an enlightening event that will give meaning and hope to your life.

Venue: The Irish Club Subiaco

Address:  61 Townshend Road, Subiaco

Date:  Saturday 9th September

Time: 7pm start

Cost: $20 Earlybird tickets until August 31st and $30 afterwards

For Tickets Contact:

Cáit 0477 077 296

Clint 0437 905 101

Wes 0403 373 107

To pay cash at the door RSVP to 0477 077 296.



Plaintiff for Judicial Review Appeal Against Mandates



“Beyond Fear-fuelled Governments and False Gods”

At a time when territory, state and federal governments compete to reject God-given principles which have upheld Western society, the contemporary worship of the Canaanitess’ false gods is swiftly on the rise across Australia. James will address ways in which we might challenge this dehumanising worship, with a call back to the life-giving worship of the One True God.

James has spent over two decades ministering in the area of human sexuality, gender and identity. He serves alongside those recovering from childhood sexual abuse, sex and porn addition, and is passionate about Christ’s unique role at the heart of recovery. He has worked within most denominations and at every level of the Church, from the Vatican to the local parish. He facilitates the peer support network True Identity.


“Worshiping at the Altar of the Almighty State – The Idolatry of Government in Australia”

Statism is a form of idolatry that offers no salvation except through the hope that governments can perfect our social environment and us. I will explain how many Australians blindly worship at the altar of the almighty State, expecting it to be their ultimate saviour and seeing in government the ultimate provider for all things. Call it a form of idolatry if you wish.

Augusto Zimmermann PhD, LLB (Hon.), LLM cum laude, DipEd, CIArb, is professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education. He is a former Commissioner with the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia and a former Associate Dean (Research) at Murdoch University School of Law. During his time at Murdoch, he was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research. Professor Zimmermann is also Founder and President of the Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA) and Editor-in-Chief of the Western Australian Jurist law journal.   He is the author of numerous books, including “Christian Foundations of the Common Law – 3 Volumes” (Connor Court Publishing, 2018)


“State Imposed Global Depopulation in the Last Days”

I will deal with the issues relating to state engineered mass depopulation through the use of the COVID vaxxines, engineered food shortages and hence famines, the resulting pestilence and diseases which could be avoided, and engineered wars. These are all described in the Book of Revelation chapter 6 and this fact connects us to a Last Days or End Game scenario. This fact is very important as it gives us a map to where we are going.  I will present the only solution that is foolproof.

John Gideon Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He has a Ph.D. with distinction in Physics from The University of Western Australia (UWA). During his research career he worked at UWA and the University of Adelaide. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific leading journals, in book chapters and in conference proceedings. He was a foundering director of an Australian startup now commercialising his research on ultra-stable cryogenic ‘clocks’. He has lectured around the world in churches and conferences and written extensively on biblical creation mostly in terms of astrophysics and cosmology.


“The War on Children”

Concerted efforts are now made across western democracies to confuse children from a young age by an evil woke agenda pushed by the WEF and the UN. As such, the agenda of “inclusivity” has become a diabolical strategy to undermine the basic rights of children and their parents. This agenda is so evil that now for the first time in our history we hear the definition of “what is a man” and what is a woman questioned and debated in society as well as in our parliaments. I will address matters of spiritual warfare, gender fluidity indoctrination in the education system, and family court decisions that aggravate family conflict and separate children from their loving and caring parents.

Cáit Sfakianakis was born in Ireland and raised in a traditional Catholic family of 11 children. She comes from a family of politicians, educators, medical professionals, musicians, academics, human rights activists and defenders of freedom. Cáit migrated to Australia in 1999, is married to George, and is the proud mother of three beautiful children. She is known in the community as a fierce advocate for the importance of the family unit and for freedom, including freedom of religion. She’s an advocate for inclusion and equality in education of all students regardless of ability, and she defends the basic rights of vulnerable people, particularly the elderly and children.